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 SilverClay is a platform for professionals with experience in the EMEA region and in different industries and sectors, looking to provide Corporate Advisory Services to clients with a focus on the analytical financial aspects of their operations as well as the strategic plans for their businesses.

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 SilverClay looks to assist owners, CEOs, CFOs and controllers of entrepreneurial companies in:

  1. Planning the growth of their businesses;
  2. Securing the resources necessary for their growth plans and operations;
  3. Taking action to improve and better manage their profits and cash flows.

 We achieve our goals by leveraging on the appropriate resources, networks and business partnerships that SilverClay benefits from. This starts by a clear understanding of the client’s needs, then by a tailor-made defined scope of services, up until reaching the most appropriate action plan for concluding successful results.



Seasoned Professionals

 Our teams and partners include multi-purposed finance and investment specialists, with developed skills in origination, relationship management, interpersonal, influencing, negotiation, transaction management, asset management, valuation, financial analysis, financial control, team management, and problem solving.

SilverClay professionals have comprehensive understanding of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, debt raising, banking activities, financial planning and reporting, capital market, structured finance and investments, with combined experiences covering most of the EMEA region.


Selim El Chami

 SilverClay is founded and managed by Selim El Chami. Selim is a multi-purposed investment specialist, with more than 20 years of developed skills in various corporate advisory aspects of a business, from origination, placement and distribution, down to interaction with client, lawyers, auditors, third party advisors, and regulators. 

What Selim and the SilverClay team enjoy the most, is their solid reputation, their integrity, and their dedication and credibility in delivering quality work.


Strategic Finance


  •  Review and formulate corporate and financial strategies
  • Develop and refine financial models, business plans and fund-raising marketing material
  • Prepare valuation models to support strategic decisions and business negotiations
  • Debt restructuring

Financial Planning


  •  Develop and refine operating business models, including planning, forecasting and reporting tools
  • Review third party models
  • Analyze and report finding relating to financial performance
  • Create business models incorporating financial structures, targets, disposable assets to aid in the 
  • strategic decision-making process

Corporate Finance


  •  Research and recommend potential acquisition or joint venture opportunities
  • Provide information on prospective targets and/or investors
  • Prepare marketing documentation for meetings with potential targets, investors, and/or financiers
  • Advise on deal structure in respect of investment type, valuation and fees
  • Manage transaction process for Client
  • Coordinate with advisers and third parties



  • Formulate funding strategy
  • Advise on investor preference and portfolio synergies
  • Initiate contact and co-ordinate with investors and financiers
  • Manage the book-building process
  • Negotiation and execution advice

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