Our Added Value


SilverClay model caters for today’s challenges by matching most appropriate resources, across the EMEA region.  As such, SilverClay teams help with:

  • Providing access to available deals and assets
  • Linking clients to project financiers
  • State of the art financing practice
  • Wider access to investors and financiers
  • Enhanced performance
  • Growth opportunities
  • Investment banking services
  • Leverage on the network of Business Partners
  • Wider pool of talent
  • Higher coverage and exposure

Our Business Partners


  • Commercial Banks
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Consultants
  • NGOs

Our Clients*

  • Start-ups
  • SMEs
  • Corporates
  • HNWIs
  • Funds and Fund Managers
  • Investment Banks

*With no specific sector, nor industry specific focus